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What do we do?

Our mission is to apply our proficient branding strategies to boost the brand positioning, brand architecture, brand naming, brand extension and brand strategy & activation for start-ups, small-medium enterprises and corporations. Our vision is to become the go-to brand consulting agency for firms in India and abroad. 

3c Brand Hub helps international customers establish long-term competitive advantages through effective brand consultation tactics for growth. Our ethos is a strong company is built on a strong brand which we’ve developed over fifteen years of industry experience. 

Brand Strategy Development

A plan to achieve a series of goals that result in the identification and inclination of customers toward your brand. We achieve this by defining your unique position, developing consistent messaging, creating an impactful visual identity, studying your audience, and finding engagement channels.

Brand Identity Design

It offers the visual designs and concepts that align with your brand’s identity. The visible elements include the logo, brand design, and color, which distinguish your brand in consumers’ minds from competitors. This is literally the face of your company.

Market Analysis

We perform extensive brand market research to gather valuable consumer insights about your brand, your competitors, etc. We try to find out how your brand is perceived by your target audience and how your current branding strategies are working.

Competitor Analysis

We use this to identify your industry competitors and research their marketing tactics. It also gives us valuable insights into their sales and products. We use this information to develop stronger strategies, ward off competitors and capture the market share.

Choose the best brand consultation and identity design specialists

Searching for a top-rated brand consulting agency? We’re experts at aligning customer requirements with branding strategies. We combine design-thinking with expertise and innovative strategies to offer our services. 

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What Other Brand Owners Think About 3C Brand Hub


3C Brand Hub team is competent, professional & helpful. They were prompt with their submission and met deadlines. The entire team is accessible at all times. They were very collaborative, patient and understanding of my requirements. I loved working with them.


We hired this brand strategy consultant to help our newly established organization get off the ground. They took their time to understand what we wanted and worked within our tight deadline and budget.


I needed to get the word out about my organic coconut oil enterprise. 3C Brandhub was able to give me what I wanted in a limited budget. Thank you so much for your efforts!


Our skin care clinic was not getting the foot traffic we expected. However, with this company’s help, we experienced a significant increase in patients within the two months.

Why is 3C Brand Hub on the List of the World’s Best Consultants?

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Curious about what we have to offer? Find out about our effective brand consultation tactics for growth.

    Our Top-Rated Brand Consulting Agency Helps Businesses Flourish

    Brand consultant services benefit all businesses, especially those aiming to build a robust brand presence, differentiate themselves from competitors, or perform brand repositioning. Examples include:

    brand consultancy service for all business
    Start-ups & Small Businesses

    New businesses need direction in defining their brand’s identity, strategies for standing out and positioning in competitive markets.

    Established Companies

    Large firms often need rebranding of their already existing branding strategy to adapt to the dynamic and uncertain market trends. It helps expand the company’s reach and rejuvenates their image.

    E-commerce Businesses

    Online businesses can take advantage of stellar brand consultation services to convey their brand story, augment customer experiences and enhance brand visibility across all platforms.

    Rebranding Initiatives

    Companies undergoing acquisitions and mergers require a complete brand overhaul. Without our strategic guidance through the rebranding process, you will maintain your current clientele and expand your consumer base.

    Service-Based Industries

    Law firms, healthcare providers and financial institutions can leverage our branding building services to differentiate themselves from the competition and acquire consumer trust.

    Global Brands

    Planning to take your company to the international market? Our brand consultation services will help you adapt your brand positioning and messaging effectively.

    Niche Products or Services

    Need help target a specific audience with your niche service or product? You can count on our brand building consultants.

    Product Launches

    With brand consultation, you can clearly convey a consistent brand identity and message of a new product or new market launch.

    Brand consultant services benefit all businesses, especially those aiming to build a robust brand presence, differentiate themselves from competitors, or perform brand repositioning. Examples include:

    We Have A Robust Global Presence!

    Our experienced and multi-talented branding consultation team has its pulse on the current and emerging global trends. We’ve collaborated with firms across the world, including:



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    Anjal Kiran, Bangalore
    Anjal Kiran, Bangalore
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    We had a positive experience with the 3C Brandinghub team.
     Faheem Firoz, Kozhikode
    Faheem Firoz, Kozhikode
    Read More
    They delivered our project in time and within a limited budget. Very impressive.”
    Vineeth NY, Colombo
    Vineeth NY, Colombo
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    3C Brandinghub’s team kept me in the loop throughout the entire process which I appreciated greatly.
    Arya Kishna - Bangalore
    Arya Kishna - Bangalore
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    The team’s efforts helped my small enterprise flourish. Thank you so much for you efforts.
    Sravan TK, Delhi
    Sravan TK, Delhi
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    I have a long-standing relationship with this company. They’ve never let me down.
    Jeron Simon, Kerala
    Jeron Simon, Kerala
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    My small organic nut butter enterprise went from a start-up to medium-scale enterprise within a year. Thanks to 3C Brandinghub.

    FAQs About 3C Brand Hub’s Branding Consultation

    It is a professional service geared to enhance your public image, increase customer base and outshine your competitors. 

    The cost depends on the scope and complexity of the project. We will assess your cost based on your project requirements. 


    Collectively, our company has over fifteen years of industry experience, working with clients ranging from start-ups, to medium enterprises to established corporations. 

    This depends on the scope and complexity of your project. However, once we set the timeline with you, we attempt to submit the work within the specified time.

    Our team will collaborate with you throughout the lifecycle of the project.

    Yes. Please visit our website to see how we’ve helped hundreds of clients around the world.