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Have you ever been fascinated by the level of digital influence some people have on their audience? If you are an individual who wants to showcase your skills or portfolio to a wider audience, a personal website is the right venue for that. And when talking about a personal website, you cannot overlook a custom personal website design. Customised web design for personal brands captures your unique essence and boosts your digital presence. 

At 3C Brand Hub, we offer professional web design for personal brands globally. Our expert team consisting of website designers, brand consultants and SEO specialists help you elevate your personal brand to new hights. With over 5 years’ experience in personal website design services, we can create a feature rich, functionality-driven and responsive design for personal websites.

Why Hire Us to Design Your Personal Brand Website?

Numerical Affirmation of Our Personal Site Design Proficiency

Our claim to be the best branding and packaging company is supported by compelling statistics, which we are happy to share with you. 

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Our Personal Web Designers Excel in:

Tell us what purpose you need the personal website for and our designers will work out the most appropriate and fitting design to fulfil your unique requirements. Our web design service portfolio covers:

What Makes Hiring an Expert for Personal Website Design Essential?

Personal brand website designing is a meticulous process. It calls for a thorough knowledge of one’s personal brand, its unique positioning, an understanding of the audience and their cultural background and more. Here are the reasons why hiring an expert for it is inevitable.

Audience alignment

An expert is able to think from the shoes of the audience, which is an important area to consider in the process of unique website design for individuals.

Website security

Your personal website’s security and design are connected. Through brilliant design integration, experts would avoid chances for manipulations or cyberattacks.


In personal brand design, the user experience (UX) makes or breaks the website’s reputation and trust. Professional designers know what constitutes rich UX.

SEO integration

Professional personal website designers, with their years of working in the industry, know the whereabouts of SEO integrations in such websites for visibility and reach.

Branding consistency

When you get personal brand website design done by a professional, you can be assured of having consistency of the branding elements throughout it.

Meet Our Award-Winning Personal Website Designers

At 3C Brand Hub, our strength is our talented designers. We cherry-pick the best designers to collaborate with us because we are committed to delivering the best to our loyal customers.

Sohan Reddy"

A graduate in graphic design with more than ten years of experience in personal web page design for hundreds of clients across the globe, Sohan knows how to turn an average looking website into a masterpiece. His strength is his keen attention to detail and his passion for perfection.

Alex Jonnson"

Alex is a new face among our personal website designers. But he is not new to the industry. Prior to joining us, he worked with some of the big web designing firms. With that wealth of experience, he is determined to deliver top-notch personal website development services for our clients.

Nirupam Gupta"

He is an unusual breed of talent. He strives to be the most authentic voice in whatever field that he lays his fingers on – be it designing or branding. At 3C Brand Hub, we feel lucky to have a prodigy like Nirupam for personal brand website design. He not only updates himself but also makes it a point to share that new knowledge with every designer in his team. So cool.

Want to bring in our talented personal website design expert to work on your project?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and get the ball rolling.

    Crafting Your Personal Success in Four Simple Steps – Our Work Process

    Share your preferences

    Contact us and tell us about your personal website design specifications, purposes and any other unique demands that you have.

    Confirm the order

    We will assess your requirements, do research and send you the price quote with an expected delivery date. Complete the payment to confirm your order.

    Review the first draft

    Our experts will kickstart the design following thorough research and strategizing. Once the mock-up design is ready, we will share it with you for your review.

    Receive the final

    We will finalize the website design, test it for deployment, and validate it against a number of quality criteria. The final perfect design is sent to you on time.

    Get Your Personal Website Designed by Our Expert, Anywhere You Reside

    Since we launched personal brand website designing, we have helped clients all over the world. No matter where you reside, rest assured you can avail of our services without any headaches. Here is a list of countries where our top-notch services are instantly available.

    We Offer Personal Website Designers Excelling in Multiple Specializations

    Our team comprises personal website designers who excel in multiple specializations. We can meet a wide range of client needs such as:

    Our Personal Brand Website Designers Praised by Happy Clients


    Based on 103 reviews

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    Ryan Anderson, Law Firm, London, UK
    Ryan Anderson, Law Firm, London, UK
    Read More
    I can’t thank the 3C Brand Hub team enough for the wonderful design they have crafted for my law firm. After listening to my specifications, they carefully added features and spaces in the design to carefully incorporate what I was looking for. A must-try service.
    Ahmed Shah, Art Gallery, Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Ahmed Shah, Art Gallery, Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Read More
    When I approached them and inquired if I could get user-friendly personal website development for my art gallery, they assured me what I could be getting. Highly responsive, mobile-friendly and SEO friendly designs. Surprised by the reasonable price as well.
    Mahesh Sangakkara, HR Consulting, Colombo, Sri Lanaka
    Mahesh Sangakkara, HR Consulting, Colombo, Sri Lanaka
    Read More
    I had a somewhat okay website for my HR consultancy. Most of our clients seemed like uninterested in using it to fill out their personal information. From a security perspective, the design looked imperfect. The 3C Brand Hub team did a great job in redesigning all our pages. Thanks for the outstanding service.
    Ashraf Bin Khalid, Digital Marketing Consultancy, Dubai, UAE
    Ashraf Bin Khalid, Digital Marketing Consultancy, Dubai, UAE
    Read More
    3C Brand Hub is one of the best companies for making unique website design for individuals. I myself collaborated with them three times for three different projects. All three of them were beyond my expectations. They ensured that the design went beyond our expectations by incorporating the best industry practices of the respective projects I was in need of.
    Srinithin Jayaraj, IELTS and OET Trainer, Bangalore, India
    Srinithin Jayaraj, IELTS and OET Trainer, Bangalore, India
    Read More
    This team have exceptional expertise and professionalism. It was really awesome working with them for my customised web design for personal brands which I needed to host my academic assistance services for IELTS and OET. The team came up with a stunning website that embodied my brand identity.

    Common Questions Posed by Those in Need of Personal Website Design

    A personal website design is the unique design that you wish to use on your personal website. As the name indicates, a personal website is a website that represents an individual rather than an organization. Just like a product or company website, the personal website is used to show or list the product or services than an individual is trying to sell or make people know about. A unique personal web design makes it easier to reach out and engage audience.

    The cost for a custom personal website design can vary due to varying factors like the number of pages that each project requires to design. Additionally, factors like the scope of the graphic design and the amount of multiple aesthetic integrations and skills can slightly influence the price. We can give you the exact price though if you share your requirements with us.

    After we collect details regarding your personal website design, we will analyse your project, and research your audience and industry. Based on the insights we get from these steps; we formulate a design strategy and stick to that throughout the designing process. Ater we make a few mock-up designs, we collaborate with you collecting your feedback and incorporating them in the final touch-up of the design.

    Yes. If you wish to review some of our previous personal branding website designs, we are happy to share them with you. This will help you get an overview of our design expertise. Please note we create every design from scratch incorporating your preferences and feedback. Therefore, you can undoubtedly expect to get a more tailored work than the samples.

    There are several factors affecting the duration of our website designing process. Factors like the number of pages, graphic design integration, SEO optimization etc. It usually takes between a week to a couple of weeks’ time under normal circumstances. To get a more precise timeline, we encourage you to contact us for a free project assessment.

    Yes. Besides personal web designing, we have experts for content writing services as well. If you need content, you can specify that while placing the order and tell. Depending on your requirements, we can craft and deliver content at frequent intervals. Our content writers are well-versed in SEO, creative writing and storytelling. They can make engaging content for your personal branding efforts.