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3C Brand Hub is a leading branding agency, where we have expertise in a slew of branding strategies including premium packaging design services. As a branding agency, we keep a close eye on branding trends and how businesses excel using different strategies. Many businesses thrive using custom packaging design as integral to their branding efforts. 

Over the years, we at 3C Brand Hub, have created a good track record for delivering top-notch packaging designs worldwide. We understand the inseparable nature of branding and packaging and how important the latter is to convey brand identity and values. 

Our strong knowledge of branding strategies, collaboration with international clients and commitment to delivering excellence have made us a leader among product packaging design companies.

Why You Must Consider 3C Brand Hub for Packaging Design Services?

Numbers Show Our Reputation as the Best Packaging Design Company

Our claim to be the best branding and packaging company is supported by compelling statistics, which we are happy to share with you. 

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What Do We Have on Offer?


Unlike any other packaging design agency, at 3C Brand Hub, we follow a unique design methodology which involves the following strategic steps.


Clients reach out to us via phone, email, website content form, or WhatsApp. We directly discuss with the clients and note down requirements and expectations.


We research the client’s brand, industry, target audience and the product for which the packaging design services are needed.


Through brainstorming, we come up with three unique design concepts that could be used as the theme for the client’s packaging design.


We develop the designs from the concepts using advanced designing software. We ensure that the uniqueness of the concepts is retained in the actual design.


We get the completed designs reviewed by the clients. We let them choose the best packaging design that aligns more closely with their expectations and unique needs.


With the help of 3D-supported digital prototyping, we test the practicalities of the completed design. We proceed to finalizing a design only if it clears this round of testing.


In this stage, our dedicated quality assurance team steps in to validate the design against a series of market and industry standards and compliances.


The client receives the digital copy of the completed packaging design to their email in JPEG, PNG or PDF format as specified at the time of order placement.


We deliver top-notch packaging designs to our clients which consistently meet their unique requirements and expectations. How is this even possible? Thanks to our customer-centric approach to designing and customization process. 

Close Collaboration

We closely engage with our clients throughout the package design process. This helps us develop designs with the merits of practicality in terms of product demands, aesthetic preferences, style guides, and brand identity.

Multiple Designs to Choose from

Rather than a single design, we come up with at least three unique designs. Clients get the opportunity to review each of them and choose one that best suits their preferences.

Growth-oriented services

We don’t create designs just for the present. Our robust background in branding enables us to assess the potential scalability of businesses. Therefore, we craft packaging designs that serve a brand both now and in the future.

Types of Packaging Designs We Specialize

At 3C Brand Hub’s packaging design agency, you can avail tailored designs for a variety of products. Take a look at some of the most frequently bought packaging design services from us. 

Toy Packaging

For hundreds of manufacturers in India and abroad, we have designed outstanding designs for the packaging of games and toys. These attractive designs have played a big role in capturing the attention of the target audience, especially children.

Medical Device Packaging

When designing the packages for medical devices, it is important to ensure compliance with factors like sterility and safety. We will adhere to the specific safety guidelines and legal instructions for your designs.

Retail Packaging

We research your product and how its shelf appeal can be boosted through appropriate designs. We then use the designs to integrate into the retail packaging.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

We encourage eco-friendly packaging styles. We make sure that end designs can easily be applied to packaging that uses sustainable materials.

Luxury Packaging

We make high-end designs for your luxury and premium products. While designing, we prioritize your brand’s unique standing and elegance as a luxury dealer.

Pharmaceutical Packaging

We have a highly skilled team to develop designs for your pharmaceutical products. From including the child-safety features to legal compliance, they pay attention to every aspect of the design.

Electronic Packaging

We have a speciality in crafting rich designs for electronic packages. Our branding expertise enables us to decide what elements to prioritize in electronic package designs.

Cosmetic Packaging

We develop unique designs for your cosmetic packaging by bringing together elements of functionality, aesthetics and luxury.

Industrial Packaging

Industrial products require safe packaging and the design needs to accommodate a packaging style that prioritizes the product’s durability, legal requirements and protection. We develop your design in compliance with all of these.

Food Packaging

We come up with unique designs for packaged foods. In addition to the aesthetic sides, we consider compliance, safety and preservation requirements while finalizing the designs.

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    We Are a Packaging Agency with A Worldwide Presence

    We deliver custom packaging design services to customers all over the world. With a global network of more than 80 countries, our state-of-the-art services benefit thousands of businesses.  Discover some of the top countries we serve. 

    People Wholeheartedly Say Our Packaging Design Agency Is the Best


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    Manisha Patel, Sweets Shop, Mumbai
    Manisha Patel, Sweets Shop, Mumbai
    Read More
    Working with your team to get the designs for our bakery products was truly a game-changer. Although I had worked with a few packaging design companies in the past, none of them emphasized creative concepts as perfectly as you did.
    John Smith, Spices Export Business, USA
    John Smith, Spices Export Business, USA
    Read More
    The packaging design services offered by 3C Brand Hub were outstanding. The sleek and modern designs perfectly aligned with our brand identity and customer expectations. Thank you for helping us stand out in a competitive market!
    Aisha Khan, Dates Exporting Company, UAE
    Aisha Khan, Dates Exporting Company, UAE
    Read More
    Your package design agency understood what we were looking for. Our vision has been perfectly integrated into the designs. Our brand image is strong and high in Dubai now. Thanks a lot.
    Luca Rossi, Organic Vegetables Farm, Italy
    Luca Rossi, Organic Vegetables Farm, Italy
    Read More
    We were looking for a company that offered sustainable packaging design near me for our organic vegetables. 3C Brand Hub was shortlisted after we learnt that they have a strong global network and believe in eco-friendly principles. Thanks, and good luck for your exceptional work.
    Chang Wei, Luxury Bags, Singapore
    Chang Wei, Luxury Bags, Singapore
    Read More
    If you are looking to collaborate with a reliable company to design your packaging, hire 3C Brand Hub without any second thoughts. They offer bespoke designs that perfectly match your product. My association with them has been nothing short of excellent.
    Chandan Patel, Kids Toys and Games, Haryana
    Chandan Patel, Kids Toys and Games, Haryana
    Read More
    Thanks for using your excellent creativity to design my packaging design for kid’s toys. The previous designs, although they looked great, didn't attract kids. We then realized that kids’ attention requires something more creative and colourful and getting your team on board was a great decision. Thanks a lot.

    Answers to Questions That People Ask Often

    Yes. We are ready to share samples of our design packaging if you wish to see them and get convinced first before placing the order. 

    Usually, we complete the delivery of a packaging design in a few days to a week time. If you need urgent services, be informed that we offer a deluxe delivery option by which you can get your branding and packaging design done within 24 to 48 hours.

    Yes. We can modify a design if you are not fully convinced of it. Unlike most other product packaging design companies, we follow a more customer-centric approach to revision. Before we deliver the completed packaging design, we let you review it and give your suggestions. We finalize and deliver you the finished design which has incorporated your suggestions. This avoids any back and forth. 

    From healthcare to manufacturing to food processing to construction, at 3C Brand Hub branding and packaging company, we make packaging designs for businesses across all industries. 

    We conduct thorough market research to understand your product's scope, unique features and values. This helps us ensure that our design aligns with its unique selling points.

    Yes, we strictly adhere to legal and industry standards, especially for industrial and medicinal products as these products need to reach their customers in safe conditions.

    More than a packaging design agency, we are a branding agency. The style of packing significantly contributes to a business’s brand image. Our expertise in branding augments our efforts to come up with 100% unique and impactful brand packaging design.

    Absolutely, we believe that client input is integral to branding and packaging.  We actively listen to you when you contact us the first time and gather your insights and preferences. We then ensure that these inputs are reflected in the final design.