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It is observed that people’s attention span has reduced significantly today. No one will keep reading long essays on your website or social media pages. If your avenues contain attractive graphics and video content, the better the chances of your audience to stay on them. At 3C Brand Hub, we understand how significant video content is for businesses and professionals to reach out to their audience and create an impact. Our professional video editors are so skilled at their job that they ensure every frame is unique and tell your brand’s unique value proposition. We help you stand out in the digital realm by converting your narrative into impactful visual content. 

Why Hire US | 3C Brand Hub | Professional Video Editing Company

Many businesses that used to do video editing on their own turn to us for professional services. Having an in-house video editor is not a feasible option for businesses. Besides the human editor, excellent video editing requires the integration of multiple advanced tools. Hiring us for video editing services will give you the following: 

Access to efficient video editors
Access to efficient video editors

At 3C Brand Hub, we work with a team of efficient and skilled professional video editors who will give your videos a new life.

Maximum resonance with your audience

Maximum resonance with your audience

Through every video we make, we aim to connect deeply with your target audience and position your brand as their top choice.

Fast delivery and revision options
Fast delivery and revision options

We offer swift delivery options and limitless revisions. Our vision is to ensure your vision is brought to life through our videos without hassles.

Creative ways to present your brand

Creative ways to present your brand

We will present your brand's brilliance through our creative video editing style and tailored visual storytelling.

Access to advanced video editing tools
Access to advanced video editing tools

Our skilled editors incorporate the latest tools and innovations into video editing to bring the best professional touch to it.

Video editing service

Our Video Editing Services

Footage checking and categorization

We will closely check raw video footage taken at different periods and organize them in logical sequences for various purposes such as editing, labelling, logging or storing for future reference.

Grading and Colour Correction

Raw footages lack appeal due to the variations in contrast and colours. At 3C Brand Hub, we will review your footage and adjust various elements like saturation, brightness, colours and contrast to add a more enjoyable and appealing viewing experience.

Audio mixing

We will elevate your video’s quality and make it suitable for the intended purpose by blending it with different types of audio tracks like sound effects, voiceovers and music.

Adding text overlay and titles

A plain video might not fully convey the messages or the intended purpose. We will help add attractive titles, text overlays, labels, captions, subtitles and other texts to ensure that the video conveys the right information.

CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) and Green Screen

We have experts proficient in designing and incorporating CGI and green screen effects to add a more dramatic and special visual effect (VFX) to the footage. We are usually requested to do this for educational videos or videos for entertainment industries.

Video Cutting and Trimming

We will cut or trim long videos into short and relevant ones by removing irrelevant, repetitive or unwanted content from them. This will ensure a smooth transition of scenes for a great watching experience.

Audio enhancements

The right mix of audio with the video footage enhances the overall experience of viewing it. We will improve your video’s audio clarity by adjusting the volume levels and eliminating the background noise.

Effects and transition integration

Video footage will not appeal to the viewer if it keeps the same pattern and style from start to end. By incorporating a variety of transition effects such as fades, wipes and dissolves, we will add more depth and intensity to the visual appeal and storytelling impact.

Animation effects and motion graphics

Adding animated content or motion graphics before actual footage starts, especially for the intros helps make the video unique and more engaging. We use these elements for special storytelling effects or sometimes to incorporate the logo into the video.

We Specialize in;

Our expertise in video editing spans across diverse genres and caters to a wide range of purposes and occasions. 

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Social Media Video Editing

We help you make dynamic video content for your social media campaigns and engage your audience more impactfully.

Event video editing

We help you convert your raw footage of events even more engaging and appealing by editing them short, relevant and logical.

Corporate Video Editing

Corporate videos are a great way to establish your brand's narrative and authority. Through our polished video editing for corporate footage, we refine them for your strategic marketing efforts and brand authority building.


Short Film Editing

Short film editing is a meticulous process because it involves cutting down long videos into short content that does not affect the storytelling. Our creative video editors ensure this.

360-Degree Video Editing

We incorporate eye-catching and captivating 360-degree visual experience into your video and thus keep your audience immersed in your storytelling.

Wedding Video Editing

Through our elegant edits, we turn the footage of your big day into a cinematic visual piece and help you cherish those wonderful for a lifetime.

Documentary Editing

Documentaries can be boring at times. But if the narrative is accompanied by the right mix of visuals for a more impactful storytelling experience, they can go down well with the audience. We do elegant editing for your documentaries.

Music Video Editing

Visual stories get an appealing transformation when they are integrated with music. Through the right mix of sound beats that convey emotion, we add a memorable viewing experience to your videos.

YouTube Video Editing

YouTube is the most popular video streaming platform. We have an expert team specialized in YouTube video editing services. They are up to date on the latest YouTube video trends and algorithms.

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    Think no more about whom to outsource video editing. We are near you, no matter where you live. Enjoy our professional video editing services in more than 120 countries worldwide. Be informed that all our services are available online so you can order them from any location in the world. Some of our top service locations are:

    How Do We Do It – The Process Behind Our Video Editing Service


    Requirement analysis

    After you share the footage and specify your editing requirements, we will analyse them carefully and bring in the right professionals to form a team.



    Our editing team will plan and come up with an effective strategy for the editing based on your video’s target, intention and channels where they should run.



    Once a proper plan is made, our experts will start the work at the editing table using the right combination of advanced tools and expertise.



    After the preliminary editing, we will show you the preview. If you are satisfied, we’ll proceed, else we’ll incorporate your feedback and modify the video.


    Final touch

    During the final touch, our senior team of video editors review the video and ensures that it aligns with the specific purpose and the best quality standards for the same.

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    Satisfied Customers Review Our Video Editing Service


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    Aryan Patel, Mumbai, Textile Business
    Aryan Patel, Mumbai, Textile Business
    Read More
    My first association with 3C Brand Hub was in 2021. I found it through an online search while looking for video editors near me. I have been a regular customer since. Thanks for the outstanding services.
    Sachin Yadav, Hyderabad, IT
    Sachin Yadav, Hyderabad, IT
    Read More
    3C Brand Hub is the best video editing services near me. They are punctual, and creative and offer a wide range of video editing services.
    Urmila Naidu, Telangana, Retired Teacher
    Urmila Naidu, Telangana, Retired Teacher
    Read More
    Thanks for doing an outstanding wedding video editing for my daughter. It looks so surreal and cinematic. What a dedicated team of professionals!
    Jean Markose Yohannan, Kerala, Businessman
    Jean Markose Yohannan, Kerala, Businessman
    Read More
    I had never imagined that wedding video editing services could be so professional. After the magical touch of experts from 3C Brand Hub, the footage got a completely new makeover.
    Manu Vaidya, IT Services, Mangalore
    Manu Vaidya, IT Services, Mangalore
    Read More
    I would like to thank 3C Brand Hub for the best professional video editing services given to me. It helped me increase my web traffic and leads through Instagram three times more than what the case was before uploading the video.
    Ahmed Yasser Siddique, Cloths and Apparels Sales and Marketing, New Delhi
    Ahmed Yasser Siddique, Cloths and Apparels Sales and Marketing, New Delhi
    Read More
    After letting the footage go through your team's professional video editing, it looks very engaging. It helped us to convey the brand message, mission and vision to our stakeholders more easily.
    Ramesh Yadav, Furniture Manufacturing Service, Patna
    Ramesh Yadav, Furniture Manufacturing Service, Patna
    Read More
    Comparing the price of 3C Brand Hub's price with the same of other video editing companies near me, I could see a stark difference. The former charges a very reasonable price while the latter is very expensive for people like me.
    Dulhan Singh, YouTuber, Mumbai
    Dulhan Singh, YouTuber, Mumbai
    Read More
    I was a YouTuber with 100,000 subscribers. I used to upload raw videos without much editing and my views stood at 1000 or 2000. After starting to use the video editing services for YouTube from 3C Brand Hub, the video gets more views and likes. The number of subscribers also has started to surge. Thanks for the amazing help.

    Let Visuals Lead Your Success Journey – Hire Our Experts to Do the Magic Edits

    The more you integrate lively and creative visuals into your branding campaigns, the more reach you get. Hire Our Experts for unlimited video editing services for you. Contact us for more details. 

      Frequently Asked Question [FAQ]

      At 3C Brand Hub, we work with a team of highly experienced video editors who not only work with their creativity but also in support of advanced video editing tools. This enables us to give you top-notch services with uncompromising quality.

      Certainly, we edit every video making it unique from others. For videos that are intended for branding or online promotions, we blend them with the unique selling points and brand identity of your business to help them resonate more easily with your target audience. 

      Our website on which you upload your videos is a secured website with an SSL certificate. This means any data that is transferred to or from it is encrypted to save data theft. Additionally, we strictly abide by the IT regulations of the countries where we operate. 

      You can upload the videos to our secure website. You can also upload your videos on any cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox and share the link. Both these methods are proven to be safe and convenient. 

      Yes. We accept your raw video footage in all formats and we can edit and share them back in whichever preferred format you want them to have. Some of the popular formats we work with are AVI, MP4, MOV, MKV, WEBM, WMV, M4V, FLV and MPG-4. 

      Absolutely. If the video is not on par with your expectations, we will modify it as per your feedback. Before sending you the final video, we will let you review the video preview and share your suggestions. If you point out any reasonable modification areas, we will edit as per your suggestions. 

      Our services cater to all industries such as IT, Textile, Healthcare, construction, Law, Education and many more among others. 

      Yes. We are ready to accommodate any specific instruction you have for the video editing.