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Terms and Condition

These terms and conditions define your use of the 3C Brand Hub website and services. You accept these terms and conditions as you access and use our website and all the services served through it. You may refrain from accessing the website or using any of the offered services if you are not willing to agree with any of these terms and conditions. 

This electronic record has been prepared with the help of a computer system at 3C Brand Hub and does not require a digital or physical signature. This document is in accordance with the Information Technology Act, 2000, and its relevant rules and amended provisions concerning electronic records.


In these terms and conditions document, you will find the following terms used throughout to refer to the following entities or parties. 

  • “We”, “Our” and “Us” refer to 3C Brand Hub. 
  • “You”, “Your” and “client” “user” refer to any person or entity accessing or using our website and services. 
  • “Services” refer to various types of branding services offered by 3C Brand Hub.
  • “https://3cbrandhub.com/” is referred to as 3C Brand Hub. 

Acceptance of Terms

By using the 3C Brand Hub website and its services, you agree to follow these rules. If you don’t agree with it in its entirety or part, please don’t use our website or services. We might change these rules at any time without telling you in advance. If we do, and you keep using our website or services, it means you’re okay with the changes.

Intellectual Property Rights

As per these terms and conditions, 3C Brand Hub reserves the full rights of all branding materials and creative works such as logos, slogans, designs etc. produced by our professionals. You shall not modify, reproduce or distribute any of these without getting written consent from us before doing so. 

Responsibilities of the clients

To help us deliver you streamlined services at the right time as promised, you shall provide us with accurate information wherever it is needed and stay in touch with us during the project development period. Please note that failure to give the required information or cooperate could slow down the project’s completion.

Terms of payment

As per the agreement between you and 3C Brand Hub, all our services are subject to payments. You shall pay the service charges on due time as agreed and failure to which may cause termination of the contract and rendering of the services. No refund request shall be accepted after the service has been delivered.  

Confidentiality of data

We are committed to keeping all your personal and project-related information confidential. Similarly, as per the agreement, you are expected to keep sensitive information related to the project which we use for its success such as business strategy, proprietary information or marketing plans confidential. 

Limitation of Liability

3C Brand Hub shall not take responsibility for any consequential, indirect, or incidental damages caused to you as a result of the use of our services. We are only liable for the fees paid for our services and nothing beyond that.

Termination of the agreement

Either party has the right to end the agreement by giving a prior written notice. This can be regardless of the reason. Upon the termination of the agreement, you will be expected to discontinue the use of our branding materials and return any confidential information provided by 3C Brand Hub. Please be aware that ending the agreement does not release you from the obligation to settle payments for services rendered before the termination.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The terms and conditions stipulated herein shall be subject to the laws in the jurisdiction where the service is being delivered. This choice of law provision ensures that any potential conflicts or discrepancies arising from these terms will be addressed under the legal framework of the region. This exclusive jurisdiction clause is to provide you with clarity and certainty regarding the legal options for resolving disputes and thus to ensure transparency in the administration of justice regarding matters pertaining to these terms and conditions.

Changes to Terms

By continuing your usage of our services and websites following any updates we add, you agree to comply with the revised terms. Please be informed it is the responsibility of the client to review these terms and conditions at the time of purchasing the services to ensure their adherence to the updated terms. 

Severability of terms

In case of finding any part of these terms and conditions void or unlawful, that specific provision shall be removed from the remaining professionals and will not affect the enforceability or validity of the terms and conditions in its entirety.

The entirety of the Agreement

These terms and conditions serve as the entire agreement between you and 3C Brand Hub regarding your use of our website and services. It therefore replaces any previous understandings or agreements between both parties. 

Violation of intellectual property rights

At 3C Brand Hub, we hold high regard for the intellectual property rights of others. If you think that there has been a violation of your trademark, feel free to write to info@3cbrandhub.com. We are committed to addressing any such concerns promptly.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns about the terms and conditions furnished above, please feel free to contact us at +91 8921625012.

Grievance Officer

As per the mandates of the Information Technology Act 2000 and its corresponding clauses, we hereby disclose the identity and contact details of our Grievance Officer: