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Powerful graphic designs tailored for branding and marketing campaigns. Result-oriented, market-inspired, and strategy-driven for creating lasting impressions and giving a competitive edge. 

3C Brand Hub – Your Ultimate Place to Find the Best Graphic Designer in Kolkata

Graphic designing in Kolkata demands creativity and a personalized approach. At 3C Brand Hub, we have the experience of designing brilliance for businesses operating in diverse industries for over a decade. From small to medium to large-sized businesses, our services benefit diverse clientele. 

We provide complete graphic design solutions that ensure our client’s success in both branding and marketing. With our tailored solutions, we allow you to stand out among your competitors confidently and create meaningful connections with the audience – prospects, stakeholders and more. 

Offering a Wide Array of Graphic Designing Services in Kolkata

Our graphic design company in Kolkata is equipped to deliver a vast number of services, each tailored as per our client’s unique needs to thrive in Kolkata’s unique business landscape. This includes: 

Logo Design:

We create unique logos for clients using symbols, imagery, characters or a combination of all.

Business Cards:

Professional business cards from our experts will give you more credibility as a business and opportunities for networking.


With the help of visually pleasing brochure designs, you can present your brand’s offerings more appealingly to your targets.


We make simple and powerful flyers that give an instant overview of your brand’s key offerings to your clients for quick and informed decision-making.

Social Media Posters:

By roping in our dedicated designers to craft unique social media posters, we give you exclusive opportunities to shine in digital campaigns.

Packaging Design:

Your product’s packaging strongly influences your customers’ decisions. We create unique and fitting packaging designs.

Company Profile Design:

Our company profile design services cater to businesses that look to establish themselves in the industry and win the trust of the public.

Web Banners:

Combining elements like typography, aesthetics, colour palette, etc. logically, we create visually pleasing web banners that instantly strike your audience's attention.

Why 3C Brand Hub is the Best Graphic Designing Company in Kolkata?

Embodies Kolkata’s culture:

In graphic designing, there is no generic design that fits all contexts. For our clients in Kolkata, we craft designs that resonate with their unique tastes and align with their cultural sensitivity.

On-time delivery:

Kolkata is one of the busiest cities in India. Just like people, businesses also work in a fast-paced environment there. We incorporate efficient strategies and practices to deliver graphic design services in Kolkata on time.

Uncompromising quality:

With a thorough understanding of Kolkata’s rich cultural heritage and taste for art, we blend our creativity with excellence in designing to develop top-notch designs for our clients in the city.

Vast industry coverage:

Whether it's textile or steel manufacturing, academic institutions, retail businesses, or IT companies, the experts at 3C Brand Hub know the type of graphic design that will give you a perfect edge in the competition.

Testimonials – What Do People Think About Our Graphics Company in Kolkata


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Bipin Dasgupta, IT, Park Street, Kolkata
Bipin Dasgupta, IT, Park Street, Kolkata
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Fabulous designs, great customer support and affordable price. 3c Brand Hub is undoubtedly the leader among top graphic design companies in Kolkata. Everyone in our marketing team is a huge fan of your services now.
Sharan Banerjee, Steel Manufacturing, Bidhannagar, Kolkata
Sharan Banerjee, Steel Manufacturing, Bidhannagar, Kolkata
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If you are looking for the best graphic design company in Kolkata, I would recommend 3C Brand Hub. We hired them to develop a design for our steel manufacturing company's website. The team made sure that it suited the industry.
Rajesh Chatterjee, Education, Camac Street, Kolkata
Rajesh Chatterjee, Education, Camac Street, Kolkata
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If you ask me why I opted for 3C Brand Hub over other graphic design firms in Kolkata, my answer is their professionalism. The team were able to deliver the design as per our expectations without any back-and-forth correspondence. They quickly figured out what we were after.
Aparna Mukherjee, Financial Service, Esplanade, Kolkata
Aparna Mukherjee, Financial Service, Esplanade, Kolkata
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I am looking forward to having more association with the best graphic designer in Kolkata - the 3C Brand Hub team. We have wonderful social media posters and logos. Both of them look amazing and fit the context of our financial services.
Subhash Ghoshal, Film Distribution, New Market, Kolkata
Subhash Ghoshal, Film Distribution, New Market, Kolkata
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I accidentally came across this graphic design agency in Kolkata. But now I feel that it was by pure luck. We have our five projects done by them so far. All of them are for our film distribution services. Great quality with amazing visuals, typography and colour palette.
Tourism Business, BBD Bagh, Kolkata
Tourism Business, BBD Bagh, Kolkata
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I am totally satisfied with the graphic designer in Kolkata 3C Brand Hub paired me with. Although all the communications we had were with their customer support team, the designer seemed to craft it as if we personally explained everything to him. Sunita Roy Chowdhury, Hospitality and

Your Questions About Graphic Designing in Kolkata Answered

If you are a business or professional operating from Kolkata, it is recommended that you hire a graphic designer from a graphic design company in Kolkata rather than anywhere else. When you choose a company like 3C Brand Hub, you get the assurance of having a designer who knows about Kolkata’s cultural as well as market nuances to design your projects. 

At 3C Brand, we have designers to handle all types of graphic design works such as logos, brochures, flyers, company profiles, packaging designs and more. To know more about services and how they can benefit your goal, get in touch with our experts today. 

To order our graphic design services, you can contact us via any of the given options – phone, email, website contact form – and then give us a creative briefing about your graphic design project. If we require any further details, we will get them clarified. We will then give you the price quote. Once you confirm your order by making the payment, we will initiate the project. 

 At 3C Brand Hub, we maintain a competitive and transparent pricing structure. The price of each project varies as per its scope, complexity, customer preferences, etc. We can give you a precise price quote after evaluating your project specifications. You need to make the payment and proceed only if you are convinced about the price. 

Yes. We are open to revisions. We involve your participation during the design process. Therefore, you can review the designs even before they are finalised. When you receive the pre-end draft of the design for review, you can carefully go through it and notify us if you need any modifications. We will add those changes and finalise your design to your satisfaction. 

We offer two different delivery plans. Standard and emergency. Under the standard plan, you receive a completed graphic design from our team in Kolkata within four to five business days. Under the emergency plan, you will receive the final design within 24 to 48 hours.


  • Get the creative boost you need for your brand from our experienced graphic designer in Kolkata. 
  • Let the richness of graphics elevate your brand to success. Hire experts from our graphic design company in Kolkata today.