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3C Brand Hub - The Best Logo Design Agency in India

3C Brand Hub is a leading logo design company India with more than 5 years of experience helping diverse business entities. Our focus is on creating a unique brand identity for your business. The custom logo designs visualized and crafted by our top logo designers in India have helped hundreds of businesses thrive. 

Logos are important for businesses. In the wide and competitive Indian market, brands need to strongly push their identity to ensure people’s trust and influence their purchasing decisions. Our creative expertise, coupled with excellent technical skills and market awareness, is reflected in the unique logo designs we deliver. We ensure that your logos stay there as your most powerful corporate identity and intellectual property. 

Whether you are an emerging small startup, mid-sized business, or enterprise, our fresh and innovative logo designs will help you reinvent your branding and scaling efforts. Our logo design company India is committed to delivering top-notch services at affordable prices. 

Why We Are the Best Logo Designers in India?

Discover the Types of Logo Designs We Can Customize for Your Business Needs

The creative logo designers India at 3C Brand Hub are well-versed in a variety of logo types ranging from mascots to wordmark logo designs. Discover our extensive range of logo design types below. 

Wordmark (or Logotype)

This is one of the most popular types of logo designs we deliver. Wordmark design integrates typography into the design process. A popular example of a logo designed in this manner is ‘Infosys.’


Lettermark logo designs make use of acronyms in the organization's name. For example, Housing Development Finance Corporation uses the initial HDFC designed in a stylized manner as its logo.

Symbol (or Icon)

Our logo designer in India can represent your brand through unique graphic symbols. A typical example of a symbol logo in India is that of the "Tata Group." It uses a blue oval symbol with the stylised letter T.

Combination Mark

Combination mark logos are created using elements of both symbol and text. A classic Indian example of this could be found in Bajaj Auto as you can see in it the combination of the Bajaj logo with the brand name.


Emblem logos are created by enclosing text inside an icon or symbol. In the case of the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC)'s logo, you can see the company name written inside a flame symbol.


Mascot logos will have a character alongside the brand name. Example: Amul has the iconic "Amul girl" on its logo which creatively stands for both fun and freshness.


We will capture the essence of your brand in the abstract representation of the logo. ICICI Bank's logo is a perfect example of abstract representation. The letter 'I' is presented as an interconnected human form to represent the brand values- partnership, unity and trust.

The Tech That Powers Our Creative Logo Design Process

At our logo design company India, we keep ourselves abreast of technology to craft excellent designs for our clients. Here is a list of modern tools that our designers use to design your magic in the form of eye-grabbing logo designs.

We are Available for Your Service at Every Nook and Corner of India

What makes us the best logo design company in India is, of course, our wide accessibility. Whether it is south or north, east or west, we are readily accessible for your service. Discover our key service locations in the country. 

Our Logo Designing Process Explained

At our logo design company India, we follow a five-step process to create a memorable logo for you. This is how it goes. 


We collect maximum information from you regarding logo preference, business model, and industry and do a quick evaluation to quote you the price, define strategy etc.


Next we delve into your industry, market and audience. We carefully study all these specific areas and note down the nuances to refer to during the designing process.


Following a careful brainstorming session, we wireframe two to three logo designs as per your preferences and brand guidelines.


We share the mock-up logo designs with you and see how much it aligns with your expectations. We carefully incorporate your suggestions during finalization.


Our designers work on your logo using advanced tools like Adobe Illustrator or Sketch and improvise it. Once finished, we test its appeal and then deliver it to you on time.

Our Additional Service Portfolios

Beyond logo design, we excel in various other services. Find out how we can further assist you.

When Satisfied Clients Came Forward to Rate Our Logo Design Company India


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Kiran Reddy, CEO of IT Services, Hyderabad
Kiran Reddy, CEO of IT Services, Hyderabad
Read More
Surprised by the service offered by this logo design agency India for my IT company. The design works. The designers have made sure that it captures our brand essence. Great customer service too. Highly recommend service.
Michael Raj, Marketing Agency, Chennai
Michael Raj, Marketing Agency, Chennai
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Working with this logo design company India was quite easy and simple. They listened to what we had to say and advised how we could use the logo to create a memorable identity for our brand. As a marketing agency, we desperately needed that. The logo was impressive.
Sharan Kumar, Sweets and Pastry, Bangalore
Sharan Kumar, Sweets and Pastry, Bangalore
Read More
3C Brand Hub impressed us with both creativity and attention to detail. The logo embodies our vision. They have used stunning visual representations to make a mascot logo for the brand. Fantastic service at a reasonable price.
Abdul Majeed, Gym, Calicut
Abdul Majeed, Gym, Calicut
Read More
The team at 3C Brand Hub is exceptionally talented. They came up with the finest design concept for the logo we demanded. It exactly looks like what we have long been looking for. After starting to use it, we are getting more traction. The team's collaborative working style eased our tensions.
Priya Mukherji, Exporting Service, Mumbai
Priya Mukherji, Exporting Service, Mumbai
Read More
The logo designers at 3C Brand Hub have an amazing level of expertise. They are committed to delivering nothing short of excellence. We are totally satisfied with their outstanding service, and good customer support. I must say investing in their service for creating a logo for our exporting company was worth the time and money.
Rahul Yadav, Food Processing Unit, Lucknow
Rahul Yadav, Food Processing Unit, Lucknow
Read More
Kudos to 3C Brand Hub. Both their work and the team's professionalism were outstanding. After sharing our logo preferences, we didn't have to engage in any kind of back-and-forth communication. Within a couple of days, they sent us the mock-up design. The final was delivered on the third day. A must-try logo design company India.

Common Doubts People Have About Logo Designing in India

Please note that the price of logo designing can slightly vary from project to project and the type of logo design you wish to get – mascot, abstract, wordmark etc. However, we can give you an estimated price after a free evaluation based on your preferences. 

Under normal circumstances, we can deliver your completed logo design in three to four business days. Please note that requests to incorporate new preferences contrary to your initial requirements may cause further delays to the delivery timeframe. 

After understanding the customer preferences and analysing the market and competitors, we develop two to three logo wireframes using any of your preferred logo design types – for instance, abstract, symbol, letter mark, etc. We will then work on a design that you find most attractive. 

3C Brand Hub has its unique place among logo designing services in India. Our collaborative approach, reasonable price, availability across India, and a large portfolio of logo design services make us the preferred choice of customers all over the country.

At 3C Brand Hub, we have highly experienced logo designers with a wealth of expertise in making unique and impactful logos. our designers are handpicked based on their creativity, familiarity with using advanced design software and collaborative skills.

To design a logo for your brand, we will require details about your company, industry, target audience, brand values, and design preferences.