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Ever wondered what should be the criteria for one to choose a graphic designer in Chennai? A professional qualification in graphic design from a reputed institute? At 3C Brand Hub, our selection criteria for graphic designers are not just qualifications but proven skills and creativity. More than a profession, we believe graphic designing is an art. 

When you choose us for a design project in Chennai, we take it as an opportunity to provide you with an excellent design that brims with creativity and emotional connection. With more than 15 years of experience in serving businesses and professionals from diverse industry verticals – textiles, IT, banking and finance and more – we have consistently retained our reputation as the best graphic design company in Chennai. 

Range of Services Offered at Out Graphic Design Company in Chennai

Logo Design:

Logos play a very important role in helping people identify your brand. When you see the iconic swoosh shape, you know what it represents. Nike. We create unique logo designs that create a lasting impression.


We can craft unique and attractive flyer designs incorporating strong visual elements, whitespace, and a logical hierarchy to place your text or product description. Great flyer designs give you unparalleled mileage in brand promotions.

Company Profile Design:

We enable you to present your company’s narrative through a visually appealing company profile design that includes a very good layout, and incorporation of tried and tested branding standards and guidelines.

Business Cards:

If you have a clean business card, you can confidently hand it over to your stakeholders and they are less likely to dump it when you leave. We will make you proud through amazing business card designs.

Social Media Posters:

We empower you to utilize your social media handles to reiterate your brand identity and present your unique offerings to the public in creative ways through tailored social media posters.

Web Banners:

Our graphic designers in Chennai can deliver impactful web banners that effectively showcase and promote your product and services. We will incorporate our branding insights into the banner designs to make them more appealing and contextual.


We create attractive brochure designs to help you demonstrate your brand’s offerings in Chennai ensuring that the unique layout and visual elements it combines actually align with the city’s diverse diaspora.

Packaging Design:

By hiring our graphic designer in Chennai, you will get attractive designs that combine elements of good packaging structure, typography and imagery that integrate well with the product.

What Sets Us Apart - Qualities That Make Us the No. 1 Graphic Design Company in Chennai

Industry-leading Solutions
Client-centric Approach
Diverse Portfolio
Top-notch Quality
On-time Delivery
Collaborative Working

How We Do It – Our Signature Approach to Graphic Designing in Chennai


Client requirement analysis:

At first, the client will reach us by email, phone or website and tell us about the design requirements. We gather further relevant and contextual details to kickstart the project.


Wireframing and testing:

The ideated design concepts are translated into actual designs with the help of the advanced design tools we use – XD, Photoshop, Figma or whatever the project demands.


Industry Research:

With the context that we have for the graphic design, we delve into the industry as well as the touchpoints for which the graphic design is going to be used. Every finding is recorded and analyzed.


Collaboration and modification:

The few mock-up designs that we have developed are shared with the client to see if they are satisfied or need any adjustments to be at par with their expectations. Modifications are made accordingly.


Design Ideation:

At the design ideation stage, our graphic designer in Chennai sits with others in the team and brainstorms for suitable design concepts that could be used and give the client the best result in the marketing/branding process.


Finalization and delivery:

The designs are finalized, tested and sent to the senior team for inspection. They will validate it against our quality standards and guidelines. Once the design is approved, we send it to the client on time.

List of Advanced Design Software We Use for Your Project

When it comes to graphic design perfection, we have no compromise. We rely on the latest cutting-edge design software to craft unique and flawless designs for you. Discover below the list of design tools we use. 

Check Out 3C Brand Hub’s More Services

Effective branding calls for expertise across a series of areas. Graphic designing is just one aspect of it. At 3C Brand Hub, you can have dedicated experts for services ranging from: 

When Our Valued Customers Speak Their Minds


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PV Sambath, Film Industry, Chennai
PV Sambath, Film Industry, Chennai
Read More
As a film production company, we rely on hundreds of graphic designers in Chennai. For the last two projects, we have consecutively hired designers from 3C Brand Hub. They delivered excellent results.
Anjaneya Vetri, E-learning Services, Chennai
Anjaneya Vetri, E-learning Services, Chennai
Read More
I am glad that I could find the best graphic designers in Chennai from 3C Brand Hub. We have been extensively relying on their creatives for our online learning app, web portal, social media and press releases.
Ahmed Ravuthar, Textiles and Garments, Chennai
Ahmed Ravuthar, Textiles and Garments, Chennai
Read More
3C Brand Hub is definitely the number 1 among the top graphic design companies in Chennai. My experience with them has been really great. The team inquired about what we lacked and provided creative designs to compensate for those areas.
Joseph Sahayaraj, Shipping and Logistics, Chennai
Joseph Sahayaraj, Shipping and Logistics, Chennai
Read More
One of the qualities that make me collaborate with 3C Brand Hub again and again and look for no other graphic design company in Chennai is their high level of professionalism. The team keep their word and delivers services on time.
PK Selvaraj, Manager, Supermarket, Chennai
PK Selvaraj, Manager, Supermarket, Chennai
Read More
We are an emerging supermarket chain in Chennai and require innovative graphic design for flyers, brochures, and business cards along with tailored services for digital outlets. 3C Brand Hub delivers what we need, always with perfect quality and affordable price.
Arul Das, Marketing Manager, Construction Business, Chennai
Arul Das, Marketing Manager, Construction Business, Chennai
Read More
Hats off to the amazing services. You guys have embodied the essence of our brand's vision, goals and positioning in the designs including the new logo. We are in a good position to pitch our construction services to clients in Chennai.


Yes. We can deliver services anywhere in Chennai and even beyond that. We have a strong presence throughout the urban and rural areas of the city. Additionally, our online services can cater to people residing outside the city or anywhere else in the world. 

Yes. When you employ an in-house graphic designer in Chennai, you will have to train them to ensure that they are up to date. Also, you can’t expect them to be perfect in all types of design. On the other hand, when you collaborate with our graphic design company in Chennai, we will give you access to our vast pool of talents, tools and portfolios.

Yes. All our graphic designers are experienced. In addition to the experience of our designers, we have a strong legacy as one of the top graphic design companies in Chennai with more than 15 years of experience in the field. 

No. We do not provide printing services as they require reliance on couriers and can cause potential service delays. Instead, we design your materials and deliver them to you digitally. You have the flexibility to print them at a location or service provider of your choice.


When you approach us for graphic designing in Chennai, we create custom designs from scratch as per your unique specifications. We don’t rely on any existing design templates. As a team of creative graphic designers, we find creating fresh designs from scratch more rewarding for our reputation and to ensure our skill enhancements. 

  • Grab personalised graphic designs from Hyderabad’s No. I graphic design agency
  • Let your business flourish. Hire our professional graphic designers in Hyderabad today.

Yes. If you are not happy with a design, we are open to revising it. We allow you to review the pre-final designs and suggest the type of modification they require before finalization. This approach lets you ensure the design’s alignment with your expectations. 


  • Your design is your identity; get it done by the best graphic designer in Chennai from 3C Brand Hub. 
  • Reiterate your brand narrative through visually captivating graphic design that is just made for you.